STIAL views blanking as an enormous opportunity to enhance its products, while improving performance and reducing costs.



 The concept of enhancement: the evolution of the rocker arm  
1 2 3

 Hot forming

 Cold Forming 

Cold Forming 
Number of cycles 2 1
Initial occurrence *  100 36  34 
Peso prodotto finito*  100 48  46 
Pieces per stroke  1  1
Pieces per hour  100 700 800 
Incremental functions Greater precision Greater bending resistance
Greater resistance of prices More space used
Costo* 100  25  18 
* Initial reference value equal to 100


Enhancement: the base


BASE  Initial Deep Drawing
Number of components

(gasket, tube, base)


Number of cycles  4
Pieces per minute  100 1250 
Cost *  100 20 
*Initial reference value equal to 100


An ongoing collaborative-based relationship with Customers aimed at achieving market success for both parties involved.  Searching to achieve constant technological evolution.
Continuous improvement of product quality.


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STIAL pursues its development and focuses on large Blanking Presses...

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Co - design

co design

STIAL is committed to the development of technology to enhance Customer products.

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Stial is able to manufacture typical cold forming products with different annual volumes

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STIAL is equipped with 15 mechanical, transfer and double joint presses, from 200 to 1,000 tons

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Stial srl operates with its
own Quality System.
Download our certifications...

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