STIAL is located in the northern part of Milan in Varedo, an area of renowned industrial tradition, with a full range of industrial services and expertise at its disposal which are among the highest in the mechanical machining sector.
It has been operating for about 30 years with a flexible structure, specialising in cold forming of sheet metal, blanking, deep drawing and assembly of parts; all products are made on demand to suit customer specifications.

STIAL is located in a warehouse covering 3,500 square meters within an area of 10,000 square meters.
It has a full range of facilities used for all aspects of sheet metal processing.  Therefore, from ENGINEERING, DIE CONSTRUCTION, ASSEMBLED FORMING  and SURFACE TREATMENTS, making it the ideal partner for the realisation of simple and complex components and subassemblies.

The potential of quality of its products and services has always been the means used to consolidate a close working relationship with its Customers.  The primary goal is to achieve customer satisfaction by providing quality products, at reasonable prices and within the established deadlines.


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STIAL pursues its development and focuses on large Blanking Presses...

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Co - design

co design

STIAL is committed to the development of technology to enhance Customer products.

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Stial is able to manufacture typical cold forming products with different annual volumes

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STIAL is equipped with 15 mechanical, transfer and double joint presses, from 200 to 1,000 tons

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Stial srl operates with its
own Quality System.
Download our certifications...

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