STIAL has also set up an innovative IT production system which guarantees complete traceability:
from raw material to the finished product requested by the Customer, everything is performed with the encoding of raw materials, components, semi-finished and finished products using bar codes.
All machines are equipped with pulpits connected via a wi-fi network to a main server which collects all the data relating to real time production flows, hence maintaining instant operational and flexibility.

This IT system also allows for:
•     the recording of quality control during production;
•     the recording of maintenance on the machine, so as to build up an archive of all maintenance performed (ordinary and preventive);
•     verification of order performance in real time;
•     the complete management of NONCONFORMITY (both with suppliers and customer claims)
•     production statistics (downtimes, rejects ...)



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STIAL pursues its development and focuses on large Blanking Presses...

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Co - design

co design

STIAL is committed to the development of technology to enhance Customer products.

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Stial is able to manufacture typical cold forming products with different annual volumes

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STIAL is equipped with 15 mechanical, transfer and double joint presses, from 200 to 1,000 tons

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Stial srl operates with its
own Quality System.
Download our certifications...

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